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In 1980, Rockcastle Regional opened its first long-term care unit with 32 beds and added 28 more beds just 12 years later. Today, our Respiratory Care Center facility offers comfortable, professional, long-term care for 135 ventilator-dependent residents.

Family environment
Each resident in the Respiratory Care Center is treated like family. The moment they become a resident, we welcome them with open arms. Regular, scheduled activities present opportunities for the residents to bond with our staff and one another.

Experience like no other
Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in many conditions that lead to ventilator dependence. Ranging from spinal cord injuries to genetic birth defects as well as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and neurological diagnoses such as ALS and Muscular Dystrophy.

Advanced treatment
There are many factors involved in the weaning process that determine if a resident is able to wean from the ventilator. Some of our residents wean quickly, others take longer and some are not able to wean due to injuries or progressive diseases.

Care that has no boundaries
While most of our residents are from Kentucky, our service area contains no boundaries. We receive ventilator referrals from all over the United States.

To make a referral, contact:
Contact Carolyn Browning
Ph: 606-256-7757
Fax: 606-256-4579

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