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Rockcastle is my ‘home away from home’


I am Brian Knoops and I have been a resident here since July of 2007. Having lived most of my life in the North, I never expected to end up in the beautiful small town of Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. However, Rockcastle Regional Hospital is now my home away from home, and the staff and fellow residents have become my second family.

The staff here does an amazing job taking care of us, keeping us healthy and hopefully helping us to eventually go home. However, they also carry us in their hearts. My parents and siblings are spread out across the country and are not able to visit every day. The amazing staff here listen to our troubles and sorrows, think and pray for us when we are sick and share my joy when I am glad.

I look forward to getting up every day and enjoying the life Rockcastle provides for me. I can ride around and talk to friends, go outside and enjoy the weather, hang out in the dayrooms and watch TV or read a book.

I was told 9 years ago, I only had 3 months to live, and now I am glad God had other plans for me and led me to Rockcastle Regional Hospital. “Thank you” does not cover the gratitude I feel for the wonderful staff here who work so hard every day to help me live.

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