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Residents cruise in style in new "bucket list" van

As much as Rockcastle Regional tries to provide a homelike atmosphere for its residents, ask them what they appreciate most, and many will say the award-winning day trip program.

There's just nothing better than being able to go on an excursion to any number of places within a few hours of the Respiratory Care Center. Favorite destinations include home, the zoo, shopping, and movies.

In 2018, those trips just got a little better.

The organization purchased a new customized van that does everything but sing to them.

And it almost does that. It's equipped with bluetooth that allows residents to listen to their favorite music. It also features creature comforts such as individualized heating and cooling.

A drop-down ramp-different than the old van which used a hydraulic lift-allows for easy access. In fact, many residents can independently drive themselves onto the van (under the watchful eye of staff, of course). The low positioning of the ramp gives the residents a safe and secure feeling, said activities coordinator Ann Abney.

A stress-free ride helps the residents think of little else than the destination.

"Working with the trip program gives me great satisfaction knowing we give residents the opportunity to experience those normal days they have been missing," Abney said, "and also the chance to mark off some items on their bucket list."

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