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Nunamaker shares humor, challenges in 'A New Beginning’

English professors like to say that all great literature is ultimately about one thing: a character finding a home. Meggin Nunamaker would agree. "I felt at home the minute I got here at Rockcastle Regional," she said.

Born with Muscular Atrophy, Meggin progressively lost her mobility before requiring a tracheostomy and a mechanical ventilator in 2014.

Despite a life of medical challenges, Meggin is a dual graduate of Western Kentucky University with a master's degree in speech and communication disorders.

It was the unique combination of her background as a prospective speech therapist, and a keen sense of humor that motivated Meggin to fill a book with stories of her life. Her book, titled 'A New Beginning' is scheduled for publication soon.

'A New Beginning' recounts her experiences as a longtime resident of Rockcastle Regional. It also explains the technical aspect of living with a tracheostomy in a way that's easy to understand. Meggin is able to approach these details in a way that appeals to clinicians, residents, and family members alike.

While the book is full of humor (Meggin's story about a llama is sure to get a laugh), it also provides a substantive look at the challenges of living with a tracheostomy. It also deals with effective strategies for working beyond potential limitations.

"I wanted to show people that, even though it's overwhelming at first, a trach isn't a big deal," Meggin said. "I still have great quality of life, and they (Rockcastle staff) go above and beyond to take good care of me."

And while other newly minted authors are content to rest on their laurels, Meggin is already planning her next literary project.

"This one is going to be a children's book," she said.

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