Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Rockcastle Regional Hospital has an outpatient cardiac and Rockcastle Regional Hospital has a comprehensive 12-week outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program.pulmonary rehabilitation program designed to help people who have experienced heart disease or pulmonary disease improve their quality of life and return to full, productive lives. Available by physician referral, Rockcastle Regional Hospital offers a comprehensive program including individualized exercise therapy, education and counseling for participants.

Upon entering cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs, each patient receives a thorough health assessment to determine their current fitness level and an optimum exercise program. An individualized exercise regimen is supervised by a physical therapist, registered nurses, and a respiratory therapist using Pulse Oximetry monitoring.

Cardiac rehab and pulmonary rehab at Rockcastle Regional Hospital includes cardiovascular training, strength training and further education about cardiac and pulmonary illnesses. An outpatient service, cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive program designed to prepare patients with heart disease for an active and productive lifestyle. Cardiac rehab has four components: evaluation, monitored exercise, education, and support. Pulmonary rehabilitation is a program of education and exercise training that stresses proper care and symptom management for the patient with pulmonary disease. Pulmonary rehab is also offered on an outpatient basis.

Part of the stress that comes with an event like a heart attack, bypass surgery or angioplasty and stenting is the uncertainty about when or if you can get back to living normally. A cardiac rehabilitation program is a group of physical and emotional activities designed to help you recover from a cardiovascular event and make the lifestyle changes needed to prevent future events. If you have experienced a cardiovascular event, you can rest assured that our cardiac rehabilitation team will get you back on your feet and help you stay well. Our program draws on a multidisciplinary team that includes a medical director, physical therapist, registered nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and social workers in a carefully designed program tailored to your specific needs.

Pulmonary rehabilitation at Rockcastle Regional Hospital is a 12-week outpatient program consisting of fully monitored exercise, disease-specific education and individualized counseling. All participants have frequent pulse-oximetry checks during exercise to ensure adequate oxygenation. Oxygen is provided if the need should arise or for those people who currently use oxygen at home. Continuous EKG monitoring via light-weight telemetry is also readily available upon physician request.

Cardiac rehabilitation at Rockcastle Regional Hospital lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on your specific heart conditions. After completing rehab, people have a better understanding of their exercise capabilities along with the knowledge to remain physically active to achieve the best quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation typically involves 2 to 4 months of exercise training, monitoring and education designed to improve strength and endurance to help people manage and lessen worsening of lung disease. The components of the program include assessment, patient training, breathing retraining, exercise, psychosocial intervention, and follow-up.

When it comes to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, Rockcastle Regional Hospital is dedicated to getting you healthy and keeping you that way. Our team of medical professionals work closely with you and your physician to develop an individualized treatment program of exercise, education, and counseling that meets your special needs. Our programs are designed to expedite recovery and reduce hospitalization from heart and lung disorders.