Cardiac Rehabilitation


Cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive program of education and exercise to help individuals understand their cardiovascular disease and learn to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. Rockcastle Regional Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist with improving exercise tolerance and promote the development of healthy behavior to improve an individual’s overall quality of life.

Rockcastle Regional Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation service is a multi-faceted process that uses a combination of prescribed exercise, wellness education and lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of heart failure and heart disease. Our cardiac rehabilitation services are designed to improve your quality of life when you have a heart attack or other heart conditions. Program goals include:

  • Improved exercise abilityRockcastle Regional Hospitals cardiac rehabilitation process reduces the risk of heart failure and heart disease.
  • Reduce cardiac symptoms
  • Positive psychosocial well-being


Cardiac rehab participants at Rockcastle Regional Hospital are referred to the program by their physicians after recovering from:

  • Heart attack
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Bypass surgery
  • Angioplasty
  • Heart failure
  • Stable angina


Rockcastle Regional Hospital’s rehabilitation program guides you and your family through recovery after a heart-related event. Research has shown that cardiac rehabilitation significantly reduces your risk of heart problems happening again. It also helps you regain your independence.

The length of a patient’s rehabilitation participation is determined by the patient’s individual needs. Patients remain under the supervision of their physicians throughout the cardiac rehabilitation program to ensure the highest quality of service and to reduce the risk of heart failure.

The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation at Rockcastle Regional Hospital are:

  • Improvement in aerobic capacity
  • Improvement in endurance
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of heart disease including risk factors and how to manage the disease
  • Increased knowledge of medications and their side effects
  • Health maintenance
  • Decreased mortality rate when compared to patients who do not complete cardiac rehabilitation
  • Increased chance of avoiding disability
  • Decreased risk of sudden death due to heart disease
  • Decreased risk of future heart attack
  • Reduced number of episodes of reduced blood flow to the heart
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Decreased level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • Increased levels of good cholesterol


Cardiac rehabilitation has been shown to:

  • Decrease mortality rates from all causes by up to 45%
  • Decrease risk of future heart attacks by 25%
  • Decrease the number of future emergency department visits
  • Decrease the overall cost of health care
  • Contribute to significant improvement in quality of life


The cardiac rehabilitation program at Rockcastle Regional Hospital is based on the following process:

  • Initial and ongoing assessment of the patient to personalize a care plan
  • Continuous communication with the referring physician
  • Monitored exercise sessions in a safe and secure environment
  • Education and counseling about lifestyle changes involving diet, smoking cessation, weight loss, depression, stress management, exercise, and other topics


Your cardiac rehabilitation team at Rockcastle Regional Hospital understands that it can be difficult returning to an active life after being hospitalized for a chronic heart problem. We offer classes, individualized counseling, and plenty of encouragement to help you on your journey. Cardiac rehabilitation is a positive environment to learn, try new health behaviors, have fun, and get better.

When it comes to cardiac rehabilitation, no other place does it better than Rockcastle Regional Hospital.