Long-Term Ventilator Care Facilities


When looking for long-term ventilator care facilities, Rockcastle Regional Hospital understands the hardships associated with mechanical ventilator support. Rockcastle Regional Hospital provides the care and support your loved one needs to begin their road to recovery. Rockcastle Regional Hospital offers specialized care needed to help patients with medically-complex pulmonary conditions like respiratory failure, surgery, and chronic lung diseases. Rockcastle Regional Hospital also specializes in providing ventilator-dependent care to pediatric patients.

Rockcastle Regional Hospital understands the feeling of helplessness that often occurs when loved ones cannot breathe on their own. As the largest freestanding ventilator facility in the country, our ventilator teams consist of board-certified pulmonologists, pulmonary program managers, advanced practical nurses, respiratory therapists, nursing and rehabilitation professionals, pharmacists, and nutritionists. Patients who require long-term ventilator care are a growing segment of the in-hospital population.

Acute diseases or chronic conditions like stroke, neuromuscular disorder and other illnesses can make it difficult to breath on your own. Mechanical ventilator care provides life-sustaining air while removing bodily toxins like carbon dioxide. When you are having trouble breathing on your own, Rockcastle Regional Hospital offers ventilator care that helps you live and recover in a comfortable setting.

Our expertise at Rockcastle Regional Hospital extends to patients who have the following:

  • Mechanical ventilator dependence
  • Chronic lung disease including COPD, emphysema, cystic fibrosis,interstitial lung disease and asthma
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Acute respiratory involvement including pneumonia, stroke, brain injury,post-surgical complications, spinal cord injury or metabolic encephalopathy


When it comes to choosing a long-term ventilator care facility for your loved one, the factors that matter most, quality of care and quality of life, are the same things that have helped make Rockcastle Regional Hospital one of Kentucky’s most respected ventilator facilities. Our compassionate care, comprehensive services and uplifting environment are widely recognized as among the finest in Kentucky. In addition to skilled nursing, respiratory therapy and personal assistance, patients at Rockcastle Regional Hospital receive total support.

Long-term ventilator care at Rockcastle Regional Rockcastle Regional Hospital is considered to be one of Kentuckys most respected long-term ventilator care facilities.Hospital features:

  • Focus on increasing mobility and weaning dependence whenever possible
  • 24-hour respiratory therapists
  • Regular consultations with Rockcastle Regional Hospital pulmonologists
  • Nurse practitioner hospitalist available for medical interventions
  • Physical and occupational therapy to increase endurance and ability


Advantages of Rockcastle Regional Hospital’s long-term ventilator care include:

  • Advanced respiratory therapies and treatments for acute and chronic conditions
  • Portable ventilators that enable patients to go to therapy sessions
  • Total coverage by respiratory therapists


In many circumstances, helping ventilator-dependent patients regain the ability to breathe on their own is the ultimate goal. The process is called weaning. Rockcastle Regional Hospital is recognized for outstanding pulmonary care with years of experience in ventilator weaning. We are proud of our skills at helping patients become ventilator-free.

Our highly skilled interdisciplinary team of caregivers at Rockcastle Regional Hospital, which includes top physicians, licensed respiratory therapists, and rehabilitation experts, aims to restore maximum function and independence to pulmonary compromised patients, while providing them and their families with an unsurpassed level of support.

When comparing long-term ventilator care facilities, look no further than Rockcastle Regional Hospital’s Respiratory Care Center.