The irreplaceable value of the Human Connection



If you know anything at all about our Respiratory Care Center, you know that we treat our patients as if they were family, and that caring spirit is reciprocated.
Take Wanda Correa, for example, who is featured in this 2022 edition of freshAir magazine. She had suffered from both Covid-19 and pneumonia and was transferred to our care after three months at another facility. Her prognosis was bleak, but we were able to provide the high-quality medical care she needed, and she fully recovered. 
She was so grateful that she not only cooked an entire meal for some of our staff towards the end of her stay, but she also came back after being released and coordinated a baby shower for one of her caregivers.
Time and again, we are part of success stories that not only herald the technical skill and institutional knowledge we've built over the last four decades, but also illustrate the irreplaceable value of the human connection.
For this and a multitude of other reasons, I'm as proud of our team as I've ever been, especially given the challenges brought on by the pandemic over the last couple of years.
In this issue, we've highlighted some of the professions that are so central to a facility such as ours. Our nurses and respiratory therapists are the backbone of the Respiratory Care Center, and we obviously couldn't function properly without the valuable contributions of laboratory services, just to mention a few. 
I invite you to read more about the compelling work we are doing. You'll get a sense of the professionalism our team brings to work and the compassion that shines through every day, all for the sake of our family of patients. 
-Stephen A. Estes
President & CEO
Rockcastle Regional Hospital & Respiratory Care Center