Help Rockcastle's Ventilator Residents

"The most incredible thing about miracles is that they can happen."
                                                                                         - G. K. Chesterton

Each year, thousands of children and adults learn that they will require a ventilator to breathe. That is why Rockcastle Regional has been caring for these patients for over 30 years. It is why Rockcastle has grown into the nation's largest freestanding facility for patients on a ventilator.

Lots of smaller facilities care for vent patients as well. But Rockcastle is different. They meet their residents' psychological and spiritual needs alongside their medical needs. 

Their caretakers work tirelessly to let a child have a birthday party, a grandparent see their grandchild, or a young man realize his dream of being baptized in a church.

And they need your support

Your monthly donation of just $10 helps Rockcastle:

  • Reunite families separated by medical tragedies
  • Take trips outside the facility
  • Buy toys and games for children  


More than anything else, your Miracle Fund donation helps these people feel "normal" again. Most of us have been lucky enough to take breathing for granted. But to allow those who have not to experience the joys and pleasures of everyday life truly is an everyday miracle.
If you would simply like to make a one-time donation, your generosity would most certainly make an impact on the lives of our residents, and we would greatly appreciate your gift of any size.


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