Rockcastle Regional Hospital: Bridging Healthcare Gaps on Wheels

By Jana Bray, Community Relations Director on 08/30/2023 2:23 PM

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In a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and addressing geographical barriers, Rockcastle Regional Hospital and Respiratory Care Center has unveiled its newest initiative, the Mobile Health Clinic RV bus.

“This innovative and community-centered approach is set to transform the way healthcare is delivered,” said Stephen A. Estes, Rockcastle Regional President and CEO. “By bringing vital health screenings directly to the doorsteps of underserved areas in the region, we are eliminating travel obstacles for our patients and are taking a giant leap towards promoting equitable healthcare for all.”

The Mobile Health Clinic represents a revolutionary step in reaching out to those who face challenges in accessing healthcare due to geographical constraints.

“This state-of-the-art vehicle is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a fully-equipped medical facility on wheels,” said Brandy Bullock, director of Rockcastle Regional’s rural health clinics. “It is designed to provide essential health screenings and preventive care services to patients who might not, otherwise, be able to access high-quality healthcare due to travel barriers.”

Tackling the Travel Barrier

One of the most significant obstacles to obtaining proper healthcare is the distance between patients and medical facilities. “Many individuals, especially those living in rural or remote areas, face difficulty in traveling long distances to reach a healthcare provider,” said Bullock.

The Mobile Health Clinic effectively erases this barrier by bringing healthcare to the patients. Bullock said this is particularly crucial in cases where timely screenings can make a significant difference in the detection and management of chronic diseases.

“Our priority is to utilize this new Mobile Health Clinic to reach patients who might have, otherwise, gone without healthcare,” said Bullock. “Detecting diseases early and helping patients manage their chronic illnesses in the early stages will result in the best overall health outcomes for our patients.”

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, the Mobile Health Clinic offers a wide range of health screenings and exams, such as stroke screenings, diabetes and pre-diabetes screenings, well and sick visits, vaccinations, and more. Additionally, the clinic provides education on healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and proper management of chronic conditions. 

Empowering the Community

Rockcastle Regional’s Mobile Health Clinic is more than just a medical facility on wheels; it is a symbol of empowerment for underserved communities. By making healthcare more accessible, the initiative empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Regular screenings and early interventions can help prevent health issues from escalating into more severe conditions, thereby reducing the burden on both patients and the healthcare system.

The Mobile Health’s Clinics first stop was this past weekend at Woodstock Community Center’s Farmers’ Market where plastic surgeon Dr. David Brabon conducted free skin cancer screenings.

“We were excited to get the opportunity to be the first stop of the Mobile Health Clinic,” said Steve Burton, Woodstock Community Center’s director. “Having the ability to offer free health screenings and other vital healthcare services is of tremendous benefit to the community members here in Woodstock. Travel to receive healthcare is a real barrier for some here, and this new clinic helps to remove that obstacle and allow our members to receive care they might not have sought otherwise.”

The next stop for the bus will be this weekend’s Food Truck Festival where Rockcastle Regional nurses will be conducting free stroke screenings.

“This Mobile Health Clinic is our chance to make a real impact in reducing travel barriers to receiving care,” said Estes. “Our goal is to have this clinic on the road and in our local communities as much as possible.”

To schedule the Mobile Health Clinic to visit your community, please contact Jana Bray at (606) 256-7880 or  

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