A Holistic Approach


A Message from our CEO


Putting our hearts and souls into all aspects of care.

Thank you picking checking out this online edition of Fresh Air magazine, a publication highlighting the special care and people of the Respiratory Care Center at Rockcastle Regional Hospital.

I use the term “special” intentionally. The care we provide – individualized, multi-disciplinary care for those who are unable to breathe without the assistance of a mechanical ventilator – is specialized because few organizations deliver it on the scale that we do. In fact, we’re the largest facility of our kind in the nation. But it is special care because of the uncommon dedication of our team. As the pages ahead will reveal, we put our hearts and souls into it, working hard to ensure each resident receives the best care we can possibly deliver.

Our goal is always to help our patients – who typically arrive with deeply complex medical conditions – heal to the point of becoming independent of the ventilator, and we achieve that goal for roughly half of our patients.

During that process, we know that the best care is holistic care that aims to help or heal mind, body, and soul. In this issue, you’ll read about some of the nonclinical aspects of the care we provide. Our daytrip program, for example, gives our patients a literal, and emotional, lift because we’re able to take them to some of their favorite haunts, be it the shopping mall or concert hall. Our chaplain, Brother Luther Allen, has been a trusted spiritual counselor for hundreds of patients in his 12 years with our organization.

Read all about him, our trip program, and much more inside this issue. When you do, I think you’ll have a fresh appreciation for the term “special” and how it applies to our organization.


Stephen A. Estes

President and CEO

Rockcastle Regional Hospital and Respiratory Care Center