"Blessed Every Day"


Chaplain helps residents along their spiritual journeys.

Care for the residents of the Respiratory Care Center goes well beyond physical health. The Rockcastle team takes a holistic approach, offering services that meet the educational, mental, and spiritual health needs of its residents.

As hospital chaplain, Brother Luther Allen has been providing spiritual care for residents for the last 12 years.


Hospital Chaplain, Brother Luther Allen


Called to the ministry at age 18, Allen was a music and youth pastor, then a senior pastor, for 20 years before he was led into pastoral ministry.

On a typical day, he will spend his mornings in Bible study and prayer, then will “look at all referrals and plan my patient visits.” He also attends resident activities and provides weekly Bible studies and for those who want to learn more, in-depth courses with the help of members of the Mt. Vernon First Baptist Church.

“Of course, Sunday is a special time of worship,” he said. “Residents sing hymns and worship songs to give God the glory. A message from God’s word is given. Sunday worship is a time when the residents connect their heart to God’s heart.”

He and the Rockcastle team have even accommodated baptisms.

Earlier this year, he recognized that a new resident was in emotional distress during a Sunday worship service.

“We met after the service. She said she had given her life to the Lord, and she requested to be baptized,” he said. “I called her home pastor and asked if he would participate in this act of obedience to the Lord. He was overjoyed and brought the church to witness her baptism. The entire weekend staff helped to accomplish the task. The staff at Rockcastle are awesome!”

Asked about the most rewarding part of his role as part of the Respiratory Care Center team, Allen said, “Getting to know the person behind the machine (ventilator). I love to hear the story of their life’s journey.”

The most difficult time in the ministry, he added, is being beside them when their life journey ends.

Allen relies on information given by social services to decide what is the best way to meet a new resident’s spiritual needs. “It is a joy to meet new residents,” he said.

“I am blessed every day serving God by helping others.”

Brother Luther Allen shares a laugh with
resident, Billy McWhorter.