Just For Kids


Each game is provided by the National Center for Disease Control.

Ad Decoder
Flip the pages in this magazine to see how ads try to manipulate you.


The Bully Roundup
An interactive board game that tests your bully smarts.


Dining Decisions
You giving your body the best? In this game, the food choices are your call.


Grind Your Mind
Skateboard with Matt through this animated quiz on peer pressure!


I Heard Hurdle Race
Find out if what you heard is true or false. Answer correctly to win the race.


The Immune Platoon
Learn how the Immune Platoon keeps your body safe from infection and diseases.


KABAM! Comic Creator
Help the BAM! Bunch through the day. Give your best advice in the Comic Creator game.


Smile Style
Everything you need to know for a gleaming grin.


Stress-o-meter Quiz
Take this quiz for your personal stress profile.